Conversation with Gary Wertish, Rob Larew and Patty Edelburg

Conversation with MFU President Gary Wertish, NFU President Rob Larew and NFU Vice President Patty Edelburg Minnesota Farmers Union members are invited to join us by computer or phone for a conversation regarding the current COVID-19 crisis. Hear what Farmers Union is doing at the state and national level to address the challenges of the […]

Accessing Farm Financing during COVID-19

Accessing Farm Financing during COVID-19: A Conversation to Help Farmers Navigate Federal and State Programs The COVID-19 pandemic, and its associated market and supply chain disruptions, is presenting producers of all types and sizes with serious financial challenges. And these are often experienced on top of the financial hardships farms were already experiencing—be that healthcare […]

Diversifying Your Farm Income with Direct to Consumer Sales


Explore how direct-to-consumer sales could benefit your farm operation with Minnesota Farmers Union. As farmers grapple with the challenges and uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, many are thinking about ways to diversify their farm income. While it’s not a choice that makes sense for every operation, one strategy that more farmers are exploring is […]

Expanding Local Meat Processing: A Policy Conversation About Growing Opportunities for Livestock Farmers


A persistent challenge for small and mid-sized livestock producers is access to small-scale meat and poultry processing, the importance of which has only been underscored by the pandemic and associated closures of large packing plants. Expanding local processing opportunities has long been a priority for Minnesota Farmers Union because it will help family farmers stay […]

County Conventions How To

Online County conventions are the foundation of our grassroots organization and they are swiftly approaching. Whether you are a seasoned Farmers Union member or this will be your first convention, join us on Tuesday, July 21 at 10 a.m. to learn about your local county convention. We will cover topics such as why resolutions are […]

Goodhue County Convention


We will meet virtually to elect county officers and delegates to the Annual MFU Convention, as well as debate and pass policy resolutions. MFU Membership Coordinator Diana Rico will provide an update from the State Office. At the scheduled time, go to on your computer or phone, or call (312) 626-6799 and enter the […]