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MFU Full Board meets
By Communications Director


St. Paul, Minnesota (February 24, 2014) – Minnesota Farmers Union’s (MFU) Full Board of Directors recently met to discuss issues important to family farmers. The Full Board consists of county presidents throughout the state.


“It is vital for family farmers that we keep issues that impact family farmers in front of state and federal lawmakers so that family farmers are at the table to ensure that fair and common sense policies are developed,” said Doug Peterson, Minnesota Farmers Union President.  “This meeting allows for continued, open communication with our county presidents so we all know what is at stake in the coming year. Especially as the state legislature begins, this meeting allows for a discussion about the important issues for agriculture that are expected to be coming up in the coming months.”


The Full Board of Directors passed three Special Orders Of Business. One opposing fast-track trade proposals because of its negative impact on our agriculture economy; one thanking Congress for passing a farm bill; and one calling on local, state, and federal officials to find solutions to the propane shortage, as well as ways to prohibit the shortage from happening again.