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MFU Convention coming up!
By Communications Director

St. Paul (November 5, 2013) – Minnesota Farmers Union (MFU) will be holding their 72nd annual state convention Saturday, November 23 and Sunday, November 24 at the Ramada Plaza in Minneapolis. The business of the convention is to elect a president and vice president (President Peterson and Vice President Wertish are currently the only people running for office); debate and pass MFU policy; and elect delegates to represent Minnesota Farmers Union at the National Farmers Union convention in Santa Fe, New Mexico March 8-11, 2014.  Delegate discussions will surround the farm bill, support of local foods, discussion on tax issues, including farm equipment repair, and increasing support of biofuels.

“Minnesota Farmers Union is a grassroots organization, and our convention is member-driven policy formation at its finest,” said Doug Peterson, Minnesota Farmers Union President. “Each of our member delegates have an opportunity to influence our policy which will be used at the state and federal level as we push for common sense solutions and sound ag policies that are good for family farmers and rural Minnesotans.” 

During the day on Saturday, a team from AT&T will be offering free cell phone training to help farmers optimize use of their phones for their farming practices. During Saturday lunch, Mario Vargas, Senior Outreach Analyst with MNsure will be speaking about Minnesota’s health insurance exchange, and on Sunday morning, Minnesota Food Charter will lead a discussion about ensuring all Minnesotans have healthy, affordable and safe food in the future. Other speakers throughout the convention include: Dave Frederickson, Department of Agriculture Commissioner; Charlie Zelle, Department of Transportation Commissioner; Myron Frans, Revenue Commissioner; and Chandler Goule, National Farmers Union Vice President of Government Relations. 

You can find the full agenda at The Minnesota Farmers Union Convention will be held at the Ramada Plaza, 1330 Industrial Boulevard, Minneapolis.  Contact Katie Fitzsimmons, MFU Communications Director, with any questions, 612.616.5252.